Are You Feeling Stuck?


Are You Feeling Stuck?

If you get it, then you don’t need this checklist.

Hereunder a 'simple' checklist
You know the total ‘thing to do in the physical world’ now, and I put it here in a checklist for you:
  • Immediately Existence Money for the Next Generation
  • Then Install the Free Portal for the rest of the world
  • 100.000 rectification creation for adults.
  • 100 per citizen of a country, to scrape away debts on country level. The countries that had less debts, will have surplus. By this we simply moved the zero point on the axis of so called ‘debt/credit’.
  • Possibly during 5 year the creation of currenct salary and so on for everybody who is still afraid in their selfawareness: the weak persons on earth who wanted to act as if they were the strongests. By example for the bankers who start to shout that with this checklist they will have no possibility anymore to profit from the suppression… well, well, well… Well just create the money numbers for these psychologically poor guys. It’s ok. Also for the Monsanto guys & girls and so on.

It has nothing to do with money
So, you see: it has nothing to do with money. Money shows perfectly fine that she is not standing in the way at all, that she is as easy to apply as in the checklist. And you know by now what the implications are from this checklist: exactly the implications we want.

So stop doing workshops on money and so on. It is NOT there. It is NOT about money.

It is only about your self awareness and about the choice you make on being together on earth with other people.
It is about your inner world, that keeps on repeating endlessly: ‘They are never gonna do this’ while you yourself not even ever speak from it.

Exactly: it is about your inner world, being totally dead on Self Awareness, even still now that you DO publicly know that money is nothing, just a number, so you literally say: ‘I am not even worth a number, and thus the Next Gen also is not’. ….. And then YOU blame others for not valuing their lives at all?  Well, well, well. Especially this shows that you must not give this inner death creating experience to the next generation too.

No we must give them the right experience in life, by which they feel automatically: ‘Yes I am enough, Yes we are enough, our being together on earth is enough’…

The focus point is on our Living Together on Earth. The transition goes VIA money, but is not ABOUT money at all.

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