Normal Living made applicable - Normaal Leven toegepast

Making it applicable
We embed the Transition
Means we DO contribute to the free existence of our fellow human

When you are a free Spirit yourself and choose to embed the Transition yourself please do so and fill the new social fabric yourself.

We have done our inner work already and are powerful free Spirits, but not freed financially from the tyranny.

And we KNOW it is this what the Transition is all about: the Transition is not ABOUT money but goes VIA money.

It was never about money
It is all about domination and power over all human beings, and confiscation of our direct free access to Earth and our lifeforce-energy to controle and undermine us. The current burdening (taxed) money is a means of controle and stearing, but it is not about money ('they' have more then enough of it and 'they' can create as much money as 'they' want within this burdening money-system).

Via the website (in Dutch... and the several other platforms, both in Dutch and English, and the e-book 'Als de regering ineens oplost' which is in Dutch also) you will find our latest expressions.

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