Perceived from Oneness

Perceived from Oneness

Perceived from Oneness / Unity, I see the unique colors of everyone and I let everyone exist in their own power and freedom without taxing nor burdening them on another level (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energeticly).

The 'black and white' burdening world is here still, but I do not focus myself on that one: my source-power-energy flows into the 'new social fabric' ( is in Dutch).

Discernment in Oneness / Unity and duality
When you like to have a tool to grow in your discernment when you are perceiving from Oneness / Unity or duality you can read the article 'Organic state of BEing' (in both English and Dutch).

When you change your perception your are perceiving the world from duality still. A PARADIGM SHIFT is needed: ONLY then you are able to perceive FROM your inner Source, Essence, Oneness, Wholeness

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