What the normal living does

I let flow Existence Money

We are the normal living (together) on Earth
  • I let flow Existence Money on a monthly basis.
  • You can let flow Existence Money to me.
  • You could also let flow Existence Money to Astrid van Triet. Astrid transitioned on August 6th 2018 due to cancer (or someone in your own circles: for example your own child(eren) ).
  • I don't create a 'loan' for myself by the banks because it is no loan at all, it is money creation for yourself only, while others are pushed out of the equation.
  • I also do not create a 'fake-loan' with so called 'new currencies', since they are the exact same agression on Earth: they still choose a select group and provide them extra money for themselves (not for ALL humanity, only for a few). So they don't transform anything in our living together on Earth, nor do they unfold the 'new social fabric'. They are embedded in the 'old' burdening (money) systems. When you are looking for real 'new currencies' you please follow this link.
  • I do not work in the burdening systems which will dissolve from the living together from Existence Money, unless they have chosen to transmute themselves.
  • I do not forward the old anymore within the social fabric, unless I give my awareness on the topic perceived from the new references by which others can grow in their discernment.
  • I do not tax you, nor burden you on another level (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energeticly).
  • I choose a non-banking transaction surrounding / platform as soon as one is available.
  • I do not work according a CAO and make mutual appointments.
  • I am not connected to any association nor craft union or corporation, because I realize that I am totally atuned and in connection with my inner values and morality: I do not need outer issuing of rules, protocols, rules and laws for this because I am aware those hinder me in my natural freedom and flow. I live natural law. I make mutual appointments in reciprocal committment and offer reliability: I am trustworthy, I am safe, I am transparant and open and integer.
  • I position the next generation in our midst.
  •

For those who are not familiar with the profound meaning of Existence Money
You can follow the link to the article 'We Walk our Talk'  and do your own research...

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