We ARE the New Earth

We embed the Transition

We ARE the New Earth
We are not lost anymore. Our lost collective consciousness is back in our midst since 2006 again. The awareness is passed on since then and its up to humanity now to make a conscious inner choice to simply live together on Earth.

We Are All Invited.
Our stolen direct access to Earth, her resources, and each others talents is the deepest gatekeeper on Earth. And because its so so deep and profound almost nobody has a lived through understanding of the deepest cause of all collective problems on Earth. But all is unraveled again. All gatekeepers are dissolved.
YOUR indoctrinated psyche needs healing: eons and eons of deep indoctrinations and mind control is the cause of YOU not being in deep communion with normal living together anymore. But the flame in YOU is still there, but YOU have to find your flame yourself again.

The savior program is from the 'old'. No one or no thing outside yourself can nor will save you. You 'must' save yourself, there is no other way because Humanity needs to grow into a 'normal living together on Earth'.

No inner transformation means no outer transmutation. No inner transformation means you will still be open for manipulation and mind control and we all know where that left Humanity: this needs to stop, the cycle of manipulation and mind control needs to stop. But its up to 'you' to stop this cycle in yourself. You may need some one who can hold a space for you, but you must be willing to do the inner work yourself.

The moment humans choose to simply live together on Earth and DO so, all collective problems will dissolve by itself. You need not become more lovable, more spiritual, more this or that... It's totally not about that: it's all about recognizing, acknowledging, and living the Life Principal.

The 'new reference point', which is the Real Zero Point, is: our Existence does not cost anything and is back within 1 day.

On July 25th all Platforms including Equi Place are dissolved. In November 2015 we co-created new Platforms and new video series and provided the wonderful facilities Equi Place offered. We always are coming from the Reality of the NOW.

When you want me to guide you from the Real Zero Point, please contact me
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