Equi and Equinomy are ALREADY here

Equi and the Non Banking Facilitation Platform Equi Place aka Money Place were here since 2007 but are dissolved (Nederlandse vertaling toegevoegd) may 15th 2015.

August 1th 2015 the link to the Facilitation Platform is not working anymore.

Equinomy IS ALREADY here still of course and do not need a plan.

Making it solid awareness in the Field...
From this Field... Real Love... Equi Living Togetherness is pouring her essence.

Your and mine, ours, Life Entrance costs nothing and is back within one day but still your GOVT refuses to facilitate your and mine, ours, living together.

This REFUSAL costs a lot of (physical, emotional, mental, energetical, spiritual) misery and harm in the world.

First thing our 'govt' should do, is stop to throw people out their houses!
Second thing our 'govt' should do, is implement the One Programming Rule which costs nothing and is done within one day globally.
Third thing our 'govt' should do, is implement several life impulses, to start with a creation of 100.000,00 for EVERYBODY

Equinomy is already here and does not need a plan.

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