woensdag 27 december 2017

Next Generation in our midst in 2018

Next Gen Support Group

In 2018 we apply the foundation we have layed in 2017
We are aware now of the consciousness from I-in-We and we know now how to Be an embedder for the Collective Healing on Earth.

Via the LifeCircle we apply existence money. Are we? I am!

We will see if 2018 will be the turning point in our living togetherness. Especially in our living togetherness with the next generation.

We are the economical value of existence money. So all the children are too. But children do not receive their free existence (money). It costs nothing to 'provide' them their own free existence (money): but still this is pushed out of the equation... Still the government is not facilitating our free existence... Still the banks are not facilitating our free existence. BUT... also society self doesn't facilitate our free existence.

That is why I place the next generation in our midst in 2018
So let's see if society (the individuals within society) apply the truths of life in 2018 or if society self still is tooling the next generation in stead of embedding them truly?

We cost nothing, so children do not either!

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