zaterdag 28 februari 2015

Embed the Next Generations

I invite you to embed the Next Generations
All the money (old money that is) is already here. When people are willing to donate old money for loans for poor children or buy stuff by which organizations can collect old money for poor children, when this money is in their pocket already so they are able to donate, why not ACCEPT the EXISTENCE MONEY of the poor Child directly? Then its not a loan but an exchange in equality on a reciprocal basis.

We simply do NOT create poverty anymore by accepting the EXISTENCE MONEY of all the Children all over the world!

We Accept their EXISTENCE MONEY. Existence Money costs nothing. The Child creates Existence Money itself. Costs nothing.

We think from the New Paradigm, the New Reference Point. We are aware from the psyche of Abundance: all is already here, the only thing missing (for all of us) is access to all that is available already. The only thing missing was! EXISTENCE MONEY from which the Child has direct access to its basic needs.

The good news is: EXISTENCE MONEY is already here also and is called Equi.

We Accept the Child's EXISTENCE MONEY and do not create poverty and the current problems anymore. No fundraising is needed for this, not selling stuff is needed for this (the money is already in the pocket of the once who would donate or buy stuff): but a direct exchange and sharing with the Child.

Money is already transformed

On July 25th all Platforms including the Non Banking Facilitation Platform are dissolved but her awareness is STILL very much ALIVE of course.

The Truth of Life was always here, is here NOW, and will be here always. The flexibility of Life, Life flowing in her own context, no interference, just let her BE.

Are you looking for 'new' currency's

We ARE the New Earth 


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