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Looking for 'New' Currency's?

Thinking about 'new' currency?
Then you have to realize some truth about the economy and the current 'crisis'. Because what is going on in the world right now has nothing to do with money since money is not the root of all evil. Something totally different is the cause of this all. And when you have seen this yourself, you make different choices about money. The transition is not ABOUT money but goes VIA money.

When you are thinking about 'new' currency's you need to make it clear in yourself what problem experience we have in our living together on Earth. Is it the economy that collapses? Or is it our heart felt pain because so many people are pushed out of the equation and living in poverty worldwide (also in the Netherlands, the country where I am from)? What does a 'new' currency change in all this?

Via the Academy from the New Paradigm and my websites I give clarity in this area from the new reference point: living together costs nothing, our currency is created already for a small selected group humans on behalf of their mortgages and 'loans'. This can be corrected within one day... So why would we work with 'new' currency?

Well the reality of the NOW is that the new reference point is refused still by our govts. Because of this suppression you feel the urge and longing to look into 'new' currency's.

So the real question is: how should the 'new' currency work by which it does exactly what you want it to do: we have created an overview with the wonderful facilities the Equi Place Non Banking Platform offered.

So again you have to realize some truth of what is really going on in the NOW
1) The economy is not in trouble... so why look into alternative economy's? The economy is not in trouble at all. There is no crisis. There is enough food, shelter, there is an abundance of resources out there. And WE humans are here too: we ARE the economical value. Nevertheless humans are experiencing lack, because this lack and shortage is CREATED / CAUSED by our governments.

2) Bitcoin (follow this link for more information on crypto currencies) as alternative currency? How does Bitcoin work? Is it providing Existence Money? Are humans who are promoting Bitcoin talking about the transition in living together? Are they expressing the truth that 'money numbers' very easily can put in a spreadsheet which costs nothing and is done within one day? Can and will Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies like Ethereum for example but there are many) correct the deepest root of all collective problems on Earth?

To be able to answer this question we need to discern what the deepest root of all collective problems on Earth is. We need to discern what the deepest confiscation is and to me that is our stolen direct access to Earth, her means, and each others talents due to rules and legal laws (which are unlawful like taxes are) which are layed ├│ver our direct organic natural living on Earth (the deepest overlay).

Bitcoin doesn't correct this. Furthermore Bitcoin is controlled opposition and a CIA tool according to my information (co-opted: and even when it was not it doesn't correct the deepest root of all collective problems and it would be a 'remedy' within the 'old' paradigm and its transforming nothing): not because it is all digital and created out of nothing because that is not the issue... The issue is the creation moment and the workings of Bitcoin. How does Bitcoin work? Is it providing Existence Money? Bitcoin require computers working day and night... they need airco for this, etc... which costs huge energy... besides they use 'heavy, complex calculating rules (the more complex the more Bitcoin), which also costs lots of energy. And this is called technical improvement / ingenuity...
You see... Bitcoin is still 'system based' and costs lots of energy...

3) Why are humans choosing an alternative currency? What problem experience do they want to solve? Is this an individual problem or a collective one? And do they 'solve' it from the 'old paradigm' or the 'new' one?
What should a 'new' currency do and when is a 'new' currency facilitating our living togetherness only without controlling and steering it?
We already know that money is nothing, only numbers in a spreadsheet and it costs nothing to provide ALL humanity enough numbers to get their basic needs met including free access to Healthcare.

So we need to look from us humans point of view, not system based.
When alternative currency's (or other solutions like a gold based currency) are created to deal with individual financial issues within the current paradigm... nothing is transformed, because it is not done from essence / the transformed, healed paradigm.

When a 'new' currency is not talking from the new healed paradigm, the new reference point, it is still from the old. When a 'new' currency is not facilitating our living together on Earth it is still from the old. When a 'new' currency is not human based but still system based... it is still from the old. when a 'new' currency is not providing 'money numbers' (Existence Money) for ALL humanity (and we can start with the Next Generations) including free access to Healthcare it is still from the old. (Compare the Dutch currency Florijn for example: for more insights you can follow this link which is in Dutch. Also compare the URA which is based on your labor: explanation below in comment.)

We already ARE our economical value and the money numbers we need to get our basic needs met ARE already created out of nothing but they do not go to us but to the rich ones on behalf of their mortgages and 'loans'. They can create tons of money numbers for themselves: suppose 6ton (which only a rich person can create for him/herself, a poor one is not allowed to create this for him/herself. Existence Money on a monthly basis is about 1000 money numbers... So 6ton money number creation at once on behalf of a mortgage or 'loan'... how many years is this person living for free already (and still is complaining about the interest s/he has to pay... when you do not want to pay interest then do not go to the bank for money creation on behalf of your mortgage).

Can you see this inequity and inequality? It is THIS that needs to be corrected. And it can very easily and does not cost anything. But is refused and suppressed still.

Existence Money is the correction! of the fact that direct free access to Earth, her resources, and our talents is stolen from us. This robbery must be corrected also.

Community Exchange Network
Here under you find a playlist in which Tim Jenkin talks about Community Exchange Network. Firstly he explains clearly that money is something very simple and all is made complex with no reason at all. What he makes not clear is that we ourselves are the economical value (though he is aware of the fact that our talents are the value, but not that we can create 'digits' / (money)numbers, like Existence Money). But besides that... he is very clear... and Community Exchange Network is not local... though it seems so: people do exchange worldwide. When we could create our Existence Money within this Community Exchange Network then this is a wonderful great example to have it tangible for yourself.

What this 'new' currency does is valuing our gifts / talents which are not always valued in the current system / society.

But still people need 'old currency' to get their basic needs met including access to Healthcare. This 'new system' we have in the Netherlands and it is called LETS (local exchange): when I listen carefully there is a difference though with LETS which is that the currency LETS are using need to be bought with 'old currency' (euro in the Netherlands). And what I get from this interview is that this 'new currency' is not, but is not providing the money numbers we need to get our basic needs met.

Non Banking Facilitation Platform New Existence Money
I wish my fellow humans could create their own 'New Existence Money' by which they can create enough money numbers to get their basic needs met including free access to Healthcare.

I wish my fellow humans could pay me with New Currency from their own created 'New Existence Money'.

That's why I would like to co-create a Non Banking Facilitation Platform which could make this possible: a Platform with the functionalities the Money Place Non Banking Platform had.

It could be a totally new Platform or the facilities could be programmed in PayPal for example: PayPal could create the iXistence App.

Other 'new' currency's
Equi was a free available (taxfree of course) means of exchange
You could say 'digits' or 'coupons' or 'credits' also. The Equi currency was facilitated by the Equi Place Non Banking Platform. This Non Banking Platform is dissolved in 2015 since a Platform only can facilitate a choice made by us humans. Via the above link you will find an overview of wonderful facilities the Equi Place Non Banking Platform offered.

Credit Exchange
Existence Money in New Zealand. In this article I give you the differences between the Equi Place Platform and Credit Exchange. The Credit Exchange Platform is also dissolved.

What were we looking for?
Welcome to the New References

We do not perceive a normal living together unfolding on Earth and we do not see it happening in 2016 either. I hope I am all wrong and humanity will awaken in 2016.

Read more on the website 'We ARE the New Earth'.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Mascha....Love the distinction you have made between Existence Money and Exchange Money. I had shared your article with D'Coda and she has posted via Facebook and in our Local Stress Busters Community Exchange. Thankyou for keeping the wheels turning and adding more clarity to the real issue.

  2. Before the choice if one wants to work with another currency one 'must' ask him/herself if s/he wants to embed the transition or not.

    The transition is not ABOUT money but goes VIA money. Which means that the choice the real question is: do I want to contribute to the free existence of my fellow man? When you want to do so... you do... and you transfer euro's, or USD's to them... from which they can get their basic needs met (in the Netherlands this would be euro 1000,00 on a monthly basis). This does not depend on the 'new' currency... You do this because you want to embed the transition. And this can be made completely transparent in the spreadsheet... the exchange software program (which is all crowd power of course).

    Now imagine that the software program can create Existence Money IN the moment of exchange. This would make it possible to buy euro or USD and exchange the new (taxfree available) currency for it.

    You see... all banks have to transform or will dissolve.

  3. In het huidige corrupte systeem moeten mensen EERST werken / EERST geld naar zich toehalen om in 1ste levensbehoeften te kunnen voorzien. De reden daarvan dat de toegang tot 1ste levensbehoeften liggen opgeslagen in geld. Maar vergis je niet: haal geld weg... wat is er dan getransformeerd? Het huidige geld is een vergoeding voor jouw arbeid / wat jouw levenskracht energie is... Haal het geld weg... hoe ontvang jij dan toegang tot jouw eerste levensbehoeften? Door het investeren van jouw arbeid / levenskracht energie? Dat is nou net de trick. Want het gaat helemaal niet om geld, het gaat om de inbeslagname / roof van jouw levenskracht energie / arbeid!

    In the current corrupted system people FIRST need to work / FIRST need to 'earn' money to be able to access their first needs. The reason of that is that direct access ot our first needs is occupied in money. But don't be mistaken: leave the money out... what is transformed then? The current money is the payment for your invested labor / which is your lifeforce energy... Remove the money... how do you receive access to your first needs then? Removing money doesn't transform the overlay in your psyche and also not in the outer world / the matrix. So again when we remove money from our current living together how do you receive access to your first needs? By investing your labor / lifeforce energy? That is exactly the trick. Because it is not about money at all, het is about the confiscation / the robbery of your lifeforce energy / labor!

    This exactly is the reason why URA (B. of Joy) also is a trick.

    Precies dit is de reden waarom ook de URA (Blije B) ook een val is.

    Het gaat er niet om 'zonder geld te kunnen', want daar ligt het issue niet.

    "Haal het geld weg... hoe ontvang jij dan toegang tot jouw eerste levensbehoeften? Door het investeren van jouw arbeid / levenskracht energie? Dat is nou net de trick. Want het gaat helemaal niet om geld, het gaat om de inbeslagname / roof van jouw levenskracht energie / arbeid!"

    1. Zie je: er naar verlangen dat het geld verdwijnt, transformeert niks. Geld weghalen, transformeert niks...

      Denk even door: de directe toegang tot de aarde, haar middelen, en elkaars talenten is gestolen van ons. Was dit niet het geval dan zouden we dus een stukje aarde kunnen bewerken etc. en vervolgens ruilen of zelfvoorzienend zijn, of een vrijelijk beschikbaar onbelast(end) ruilmiddel gebruiken. Maar de toegang is WEL in beslag genomen en dat lost niet op door geld weg te laten: de gestolen toegang is er dan nog steeds. Nog steeds ben je niet vrij en kun je niet vrij als mens stromen. Nog steeds moet je dan EERST werken / jouw levenskracht energie INVESTEREN om toegang te krijgen tot jouw eerste levensbehoeften! Denk dan nog even door: want als je niet werkt, heb je dus geen toegang. Laat de toegang in geroofde staat en jij als mens bent in geroofde staat. Wie gaat uitmaken hoeveel je EERST moet werken om in je eerste levensbehoeften te kunnen voorzien?

      Elders gaf ik respons op iemand die schrijft dat geld poep is en dat we het niet nodig hebben, ZODRA! we groeien in ons echte ik. Mijn response daarop is: Zowel het weglaten van geld als Bitcoin (en andere alternatieve ruilmiddelen inclusief degene die geld weglaten maar bijvoorbeeld met punten werken) transformeert niks in het 'oude' paradigma. In de tussentijd, totdat mensen in hun echte ik gegroeid zijn, gaat het offeren van (mensen)kinderen aan de roof gewoon door terwijl de roof in het hier en nu gecorrigeerd kan worden (niet ten diepste hersteld: kan ook, maar dat zie ik in het hier en nu nog niet plaatsvinden).

      Wij zijn AL de echte waarde: de economische waarde van het geld. Maar zo wordt het niet geïmplementeerd / gefaciliteerd. En juist daardoor, door dit te weigeren en uit te stoten, blijven de huidige collectieve issues bestaan. Het weglaten van geld in het NU lost dat niet op. Bitcoin ook niet. Bestaansgeld wel, want dan heeft iedereen toegang tot wat h/zij nodig heeft en niet meer dan dat (wil je meer dan kun je alsnog je arbeid / talent bieden en laten vergoeden).

      Heb je je verdiept in wat ik bedoel met het 0-punt?

      Geld is allang getransformeerd, maar het getransformeerde geld wordt geweigerd / uitgestoten. In andere woorden JIJ wordt uitgestoten, want het getransformeerde geld is de expressie van jouw huidige economische waarde. Bitcoin (en alle andere crypto currencies) is dat niet!