zondag 1 februari 2015

Guaranteed income has nothing to do with a normal living on Earth

A new (political) favorite topic guaranteed income

What does guaranteed income means?
It means you have to WORK, to invest your LABOR, your life force energy in exchange of an income: for example you have to work 3 days in a week and in exchange you will receive a basic income to get your basic needs met. So now working part time is called 'guaranteed income'.

They still are robbing your life force energy
Suppose you receive welfare. Receiving welfare, is receiving your Existence Money. Conditional indeed, but you receive it after all.

Now they are channeling you to a guaranteed income which means you have to work 3 days a week to receive about the same amount of money you received in welfare.

Do you get this?
Your life force energy is still robbed and this is still from the 'old'. Nothing is transformed. Our living together is NOT transformed into a normal living on Earth.

Do you see by now what is the huge mistake that they keep on making on the essence of 'work'?
They still think that YOU need to work to have bread. No, the BAKER is the one who works. He/she makes the bread. And on the moment you want that bread, you make for this labor of the BAKER... Existence Money...

Existence Money
Since 2006 we express the Truth that money costs nothing and are only numbers in a spreadsheet. So it costs nothing to create Existence Money for every Living Being from which we Live and Be normally on our Mother Earth. Costs nothing.

The work for this money is then ALREADY done by the baker. 

So the 'income guaranteed' people all are still projecting their total stupidness in economics on you when they say you have to work to have bread.

No, it is this: the baker already works for you... and thus you create on the spot money for the bakery... up to 900 a month (well in the Netherlands that is for an adult, it is every equivalent to being alive where you live).

So... refuse their total stupidness.... that they keep on projecting on you.

REFUSING to implement Existence Money is theft and suppression and is a criminal act under Natural Law.

Our normal living on Earth does NOT need anything FIRST: its not needed to become more lovable beings, or more spiritual beings, or to learn to work together... BEFORE we are able to simply Live and Be on Earth. We already are able to do so... But are we DOING it? The right question is: ARE YOU DOING IT?

Do You Accept the Child's Existence Money already? Do You Accept the Existence Money of your fellow men already? Or are You still feeding the 'old corrupt system'?

Is your psyche transformed already?
Its ALL about You: its about your choice in your own life to live in a normal way on our Mother Earth.

On July 25th all Platforms including Equi Place are dissolved but her awareness is STILL very much ALIVE of course.

The Truth of Life was always here, is here NOW, and will be here always. The flexibility of Life, Life flowing in her own context, no interference, just let her BE.

In November 2015 we co-created new Platforms and new video series and provided the wonderful facilities Equi Place offered. We always are coming from the Reality of the NOW.

Are you looking for 'new' currency's
We ARE the New Earth

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