vrijdag 13 februari 2015

Your Government REFUSES to facilitate Your Living Together

Your Government REFUSES to facilitate Your Living Together 
Look, its already clear that our 'government' does NOT facilitate our living together on earth. Rather they REFUSE to do so. That's called SUPPRESSION.

We have informed our 'government' for years already about Existence Money. They REFUSE to read into it. They REFUSE to do their inner work. They didn't DO anything with the unfolded awareness except crushing it into the old again.

What does the politicians DO, how DO they Live Together? Are they accepting the Existence Money of their fellow man? What's in their current program: have they integrated Existence Money? Or are they just standing for the ones with a mortgage and the interest they have to pay or take back from the tax agencies, or how to save their pensions or savings in the bank?

Right it is still about the ones who are having a good life financially: the distance between 'the rich' and 'the poor' is becoming more and more huge. 'The poor' are pushed out of the social systems more and more, losing their houses, getting no welfare, etc. The current political programs are not dissolving this distance and inequity.

The truth is that Existence Money costs nothing and is implemented within 1 day! Worldwide!

Another truth is that politicians can accept the Existence Money of their fellow man in the Here Now! And politicians can STAND for Existence Money for all, but they do not.

Equi is an awareness in YOURSELF not something outside you
Its ALL about YOU! And YOU are DOing the inner work or not. Leave the other alone, its not about the other: its about YOU. That's all there is. YOU choose to live Equi or not and YOU are proving YOURSELF: you can not blame someone else for the choices YOU do not make in YOUR life.

Politics and voters are the upkeep of each other
Politicians want to rule (they call it 'take care for') and voters want to be ruled over: they want to be taken care for.

What NEED to happen is that voters STAND for what they claim from their 'government'. Voters NEED to grow in their discernment: all awareness is out there already.

Politicians are NOT living together. And voters are NOT either. They REFUSE to do the inner work themselves too.

Are politicians living together? Are they accepting the Existence Money of the Child and their fellow man? NO they are NOT.
Are the voters living together? Are they accepting the Existence Money of the Child and their fellow man? NO they are NOT either.

So everyone has to ask him/herself: DO I accept the Child's Existence Money. DO I STAND for our living together on Earth. It is ALL about YOU!

Create an account on the Equi Place non-bank platform
Everyone, including the Child, can create their own economical value on a monthly basis: enough to get your basic needs met. This costs nothing and there is no copyright on Equi Place of course because the platform is under authority of God's Law - Universal Law.

We bring money creation under authority of WE the People: the transformed people that is, because when the psyche is not transformed you will drag the 'old' psyche of lack and control and division into the 'new' psyche of abundance and freedom and unity.

Equi and Equi Place are in our midst since 2007
Are YOU innerly touched by Equi (not Equi itself but the deep profound meaning of it in our living together on earth)? It's all about YOU! Are YOU accepting Accept the Child's Existence Money and the Existence Money of your fellow man? Are YOU the one embedding the Next Generations?

Create Your Personal Equi Account

Politicians and voters both are humans
As a human you have to do your inner work in this global transition. You can not leave this work to others. YOU have to STAND for your Living Together on Earth. YOU have to STAND for your Existence Money.

YOU have to shout for it.

Governments as we know it have to dissolve and transform in facilitators of our living together.

On July 25th all Platforms including Equi Place are dissolved but her awareness is STILL very much ALIVE of course.

The Truth of Life was always here, is here NOW, and will be here always. The flexibility of Life, Life flowing in her own context, no interference, just let her BE.

In November 2015 we co-created new Platforms and new video series and provided the wonderful facilities Equi Place offered. We always are coming from the Reality of the NOW.

Are you looking for 'new' currency's
We ARE the New Earth

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