zondag 1 februari 2015

Will crypto currencies dissolve poverty?

Focus on our living together with every Child
Existence Money does not derive value from something outside you (calculation force, gold, silver, bronze etc.) : YOU ARE THE VALUE . Every Living Being expresses their OWN VALUE in Existence Money. Enough to get your basic NEEDS met to be physically alive. In addition to Existence Money you create access money on behalf of Health Care.

Life flowing in its own context

Crypto currencies will NOT dissolve poverty 
Can and will Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies like e-gulden and Ethereum for example but there are many) correct the deepest root of all collective problems on Earth?

To be able to answer this question we need to discern what the deepest root of all collective problems on Earth is. We need to
discern what the deepest confiscation is and to me that is our stolen direct access to Earth, her means, and each others talents due to rules and legal laws (which are unlawful like taxes are) which are layed óver our direct organic natural living on Earth (the deepest overlay).

Crypto currencies like Bitcoin and e-gulden derive value from COMPUTER CALCULATIONS: you create Bitcoin and e-gulden by using the CALCULATION FORCE of your COMPUTER: the more complex the calculation the more Bitcoin and e-gulden you get. You immediately understand that the focus attention is NOT on our Living Togetherness and us humans, but on the money system and you understand greed is involved still. (Think and re-think why crypto currencies are even pushed by the Bilderberg group! You do not know what the Bilderberg group stands for? Well google and research yourself: grow in your discernment. Bitcoin is at least co-opted: and even when it was not it doesn't correct the deepest root of all collective problems and it would be a 'remedy' within the 'old' paradigm and its transforming nothing... not because it is all digital and created out of nothing because that is not the issue... The issue is the creation moment and the workings of it.

1) Crypto currencies are energy eaters;
2) Crypto currencies have their focus on the machine and system (technology);
3) No Existence Money.

Are you looking for 'new' banking and/or 'new' currency's
Then you have to realize some truth about the economy and the current 'crisis'. Because what is going on in the world right now has nothing to do with money since money is not the root of all evil. Something totally different is the cause of this all. And when you have seen this yourself, you make different choices about money. The transition is not ABOUT money but goes VIA money.

When you are thinking about 'new' currency's you need to make it clear in yourself what problem experience we have in our living together on Earth. Is it the economy that collapses? Or is it our heart felt pain because so many people are pushed out of the equation and living in poverty worldwide (also in the Netherlands, the country where I am from)? What does a 'new' currency change in all this?

Via the Academy from the New Paradigm and my websites I give clarity in this area from the new reference point: living together costs nothing, our currency is created already for a small selected group humans on behalf of their mortgages and 'loans'. This can be corrected within one day... So why would we work with 'new' currency?

Well the reality of the NOW is that the new reference point is refused still by our govts. Because of this suppression you feel the urge and longing to look into 'new' currency's.

So the real question is: how should the 'new' currency work by which it does exactly what you want it to do... facilitate our normal living on Earth: we have created an overview with the wonderful facilities the Equi Place Platform offered. 

Read more about 'new' currency's...

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  1. Mining (Delven in Dutch)
    The real support to the crypto currencies is don by so called miners. Minen is digging (delven) in literally sense. Computers do this work and this takes a lot of energy. Furthermore so called miners are involved which get payed for this job. All crypto currencies work in this way and it requists special hardware to be able to be a player in this market. Most crypto currencies use the scrypt-algorithme by which miners with the same hardware can switch to the coin they want or r hen het meest oplevert. Dat is niet persé de munt with the highest price, because the profit depends on the amount of competitive miners. Per block of two minutes there is only one miner the first who finds the solution. So it needs more miners to be succesful. Certain protocols are involved to be certain that the difficulty is adjusted after every block by which in average each two minutes one block is found.