vrijdag 13 februari 2015

The root of all evil is our stolen Life Entrance

Truth is that money is NOT the root of all evil on earth
The root of all evil is our stolen life entrance, our free access to a piece of land and its resources. We all know the land and its resources are robbed from us.

Leave money out... where will that leave us? Still our free access to a piece of land is robbed. So nothing is transformed by leaving money out.

But money is transformed for years already. People are becoming more and more aware THEY themselves are the economical value . Furthermore people more and more comprehend that money are only numbers in a spreadsheet.
So people can create those money numbers themselves IN the moment of an exchange with a monthly max as much as we need to get our basic needs met. That costs nothing. Existence Money costs nothing.

The focus should be on our living together, not on the money. The software program must facilitate our living together . The software program is ours, not from an individual or a small group of people. No ours and we together should embed our living together. The ones ready to embed should embed the Next Generations and are doing that already.

Existence Money: enough to get your basic needs met on a monthly basis. No transaction fee needed. This existence money flows into the economy: the baker, the landlord, etc.

Thinking of inflation is from the 'old'. There is no inflation when you only create money numbers you need to get your basic needs met and with every transaction a very small part dissolves because we are not living forever: so the numbers we created have to dissolve as we do. You see? No inflation in here.

What needs to stop is the creation of money for mortgages and loans
And the ones having a mortgage or loan have to pay them back to the bank. Not because they are in debt with their banks but because they are in debt with their fellow man. Who were able to create huge money numbers for themselves? Right 'the rich', 'the poor' were not: this distance have to be corrected by creating 1ton numbers for every one. The ones with a mortgage or loan have to pay it back and the others have 1 ton. When 1 ton is not enough to pay back the banks the ones with a mortgage can take a loan with their fellow man to pay off their banks. End of the private banks! And end of money in debt. End of inequity and inequality.

Existence Money for all (in the region) the same amount on a monthly basis. Costs nothing.

Existence Money is NEEDED as long as our free access to a piece of land is robbed from us. When this robbery is dissolved Existence Money is not NEEDED anymore.

So again: its not money that's the root of all evil (yes the current old money is because its the expression of shortage, power over, control, division, etc.). the root of all evil is our stolen life entrance.

Leave money out... Will we be no slaves anymore?
Has the hungry child access to food then? Has the poor who are really in need access to food and shelter then? NO they have NOT. Because they will have no free access to a piece of land still. They will have to WORK for their basic needs. And who are in power?

What makes us slaves? The Money? No, its our life force energy they are after. That's why Existence Money is NEEDED: this will be the end of all slavery!

On July 25th all Platforms including Equi Place are dissolved but her awareness is STILL very much ALIVE of course.

The Truth of Life was always here, is here NOW, and will be here always. The flexibility of Life, Life flowing in her own context, no interference, just let her BE.

We provided an overview with the wonderful facilities Equi Place offered. We always are coming from the Reality of the NOW.

Are you looking for 'new' currency's
We ARE the New Earth

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